Comedy Audience Feedback

“The audience is a genius” – Lenny Bruce


Thank you for coming along to my gig!

No matter how much you enjoyed the gig I hope you are reassured by the fact that a pleasure shared is a pleasure halved, and accordingly if I was performing solely for you, it would have been 16-1,000,000 times funnier!

If you landed on this page as a result of reading a t-shirt, congratulations on your intelligence and curiosity!

Please leave me some feedback below:

  • Which gig of mine did you attend? (Date and/or venue)
  • What was your favourite joke (or jokes)?
  • Other comments, recommendations and death threats welcome.

I will read your feedback and will use it to to improve future shows.




  1. Hey man, I saw your set last time you were at TNL, Tuesday’s the new Saturday, and I gotta say I loved that physical joke. Had me in stiches. Catch you round the scene man!

  2. We were at your 1 liner show at Factory Theatre last night. Entire show was funny but we loved how it was “put together”. Too many favorites to mention but vision boards, politics, the workplace stories and the relationships anecdotes were some of the absolute stand-outs for us. Great show.

  3. Bloody hilarious – great show. very funny, including the tshirts, the relationship jokes and the jokes about jobs. at chuckles for charity in wollongong

  4. Saw you at the Dog & parrot last night and I thought you were the best of the night! Loved the tshirt and the posters but all of it was funny.

  5. I saw the 100% Nuts show at the Sub Club last night. You and Ruben were the best! My favourite was the vacuuming joke.

  6. What a fun show! Interesting and funny. Intelligent entertainment. The refugee material was well done and I could relate to a lot of the jokes about relationships. (Ayers House, Saturday night).

  7. I saw your show at Ayers House in Adelaide last night. I laughed most at all the rock n roll explanations. Funny and interesting show. So much to take in I should probably see it again.

  8. Great show last night! For us the best were the relationships jokes and the jokes about work. Very very funny!

  9. Saw your 1 Liner show at Adelaide Fringe last night. Really funny AND thought-provoking. Our favourites were the refugees stuff and the relationships jokes. There was way too much there we could identify with!

  10. Great show – real comedy mix. Someitimes fast and frantic, sometimes poignant and ponderous. Great luaghs and some quite clevr material. We liked the signage jokes, the relationship jokes, the work jokes and the stories, especially the envelope story. At Adelaide Fringe last night.

  11. Saw you at RAW last night. I loved the pictures and the game of thrones joke. And of course the t shirt!

  12. Love your stuff Sean ! Each time I see you, you just smash it out of the park ! One of my many favourites of course is the Bingle bungle but my favourites to name just a couple at The Hive Bar was the envelopes, the remote car dealerships, refugees and that T-shirt !

  13. Wow! Very clever and entertaining show. I liked the job jokes and stories. And the refugees jokes. And the relationship jokes. At Hive Bar.

  14. Being able to do a one person show for over an hour takes some stamina. See celibacy does pay off, or are you on some sort of stand-up Viagra? Love the envelopes ’cause I know it was true. At the Hive 23 September.

  15. Hey Dave, I have only been performing one or two nights a week the last few weeks while I am doing a lot of work for my new show ‘1 Liner‘ which will be premiering at the Sydney Fringe in September. I am also on for a short spot at Terrace Comedy at World Bar next Sunday night (20th July) and a longer spot the following Sunday (27th July). Shows starts 7 pm.

  16. Haha! Saw the POS comedy showcase at hive. loved the t shirt! really liked the nuns jokes and tattoo jokes

  17. Hey Sean, saw you at 100% Nuts show at Melbourne Central. I liked the rock n roll jokes best especially the last one. And the relationship jokes. Very funny!

  18. Hey Sean! I spoke you after you got off stage at Sly Fox tonight. As I said my freinds and me thought you were the best tonight. Loved all your stuff but our pick was the airline jokes.

  19. Fantastic show! Had no idea that you were so funny! I particularly liked your bit on “Big Books” as I’ve dodged a couple in my day!



  20. Loved it! Courageous comedy at its best. Particularly enjoyed the Starbucks free coffee and water landing bits.

  21. Love your work – funny as – loved the bit about comedians and rock and roll – very droll timing

  22. Hi Francis, I haven’t publicly posted videos of performances here yet but have quite a few now to go through and edit for future posting. I’ll add a video navigation tab at the top of the page when I have videos posted.

  23. I was on the comedy pub crawl at the adelaide fringe. very funny. loved the rock n roll stuff and all the relationship jokes. great job!

  24. Hi Sean! Mark and I came up and spoke to you after the show. We liked all your stuff but the physical stuff you do on stage had me in stitches. Come back to Adelaide soon!!

  25. We were on the Comedy Pub Crawl last night and thought you were the best. All great but our favourite was the Comedy/Rock n Roll jokes! Hope to see you again soon!

  26. The comedy rock n roll stuff was great. Plus the relationships stuff. At Sugar on the comedy pub crawl last nite.

  27. all good mate. all the stuff about your childhood was very funny. (at glenelg at the adelaide fringe)

  28. we saw you at glenelg. really loved the relationship jokes and the airlines stuff.

  29. Mate, saw you at the comedy store last week. I thought the joke about performance enhancemenst was a belter!!! Kudos!

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