Thank YouThank you to the following people who have all made contributions to my comedy career.

Some of these people have made lifelong contributions.  Others have made shorter, but still significant contributions with encouragement, support, opportunities, advice or insights.

And everyone here has shared his/her wonderful sense of humour!

Thank you all.

Alan Anderson
Craig Annis
Josh Armstrong
Richard Arnold
Joanne Awad
Martin Ball
Georgia Batson
Francis Blair
Sarah Bradshaw
Bob Brown
Barrie Bryan
Nick Capper
Jimmy Carr
Lee Carr
Paul Carr
Tina Chambers
Angela Chapman
David Connell
Cath Crowle
Jane Crowle
Richard Crowle
Daniel Crowle
Ern Crowle
Lisa Crowle
Pat Crowle
Suzanne Crowle
Kieran Daughton
CJ Delling
Dino Dimitriades
Pip Edwards
Emily Fadeyev
Peter Fadeyev
Robin Ferguson
Tim Ferguson
Kerry Finch
Jo Flynn
Helen Frentz
Elena Gabrielle
Andrew Gard
Ruven Govender
Lisa Harrison
Adam Hills
Gabe Hogan
Justin Jones
Seizure Kaiser
Sam Kissajukian
Cam Knight
Kyle Legacy
Rose Leung
Anne Lockwood
Sam Lucic
Angie Magistro
Enzo Magistro
Rob McHugh
Andrew Moors
Beryl Morahan
Brid Morahan
Gabriella Morahan
Justin Morahan
Sean Morahan Snr
Tommy Morahan
Desiree Nahoum
Brett O’Donnell
Geoffrey Oudshoorn
Joel Ozborn
Clint Paddison
John Panagopoulos
Rebecca Panagopoulos
Andrew Pople
Rosemary Pashley
Jo Ranck
Lee Reid
James Schramko
David Sheahan
John Shearer
Geoff Sirmai
Damian Snell
Te Rina Taite
David Tieck
Tony van Der Hout
Sarah Watterson
Glen Williams
Mark Williamson
Ben Willshaw

as well as the following organisations…

  • Radio 2SER FM (Sydney)
  • The ‘Comedy on The Edge’ workshops in Sydney
  • The Bat & Ball Hotel, Redfern
  • Brewhouse Marayong, Kings Park
  • Hornsby Railway Hotel
  • The Hive Bar, Erskineville
  • The Factory Theatre, Marrickville
  • NIDA
  • Sydney Community College
  • Adelaide Fringe
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival
  • Ulladullirious (Ulladulla Comedy Festival)
  • All Australian Comedy venues, who provide an incredible service

…and all audiences, who make it all work, especially the audience members who have left feedback!



When I went and saw comedian Adam Hill’s brilliant show ‘Happyism’ at the Enmore Theatre, Adam shared a story about being in the presence of the Dalai Lama.

The Dalai Lama was addressing a group of leading comedy performers and said ‘I don’t know comedy, but I do know this; you have a microphone – use it to say something’.

Hang on….They gave the Dalai Lama a microphone and what did he use it to say?: ‘I don’t know comedy’.  What sort of example is that?

If those leading comedy performers followed his example and used the microphone to say ‘I don’t know comedy’ and this was emulated by protege comedians all the way through to beginner comedians it could set up an anti-comedy pyramid scheme.

And if all comedians began by saying ‘I don’t know comedy’ it could set audience expectations very low (implementing the third noble truth of Buddhism), maximising the chance of audience pleasure at the subsequent performances.

Well played, Dalai Lama!


Have you heard the one about the reincarnation of anti-comedy?

Have you heard the one about the reincarnation of anti-comedy?










2015 Sydney Fringe Comedy Posters

High Res Images (Right click on image and select ‘save as’ to download)


1 Liner Poster - Sydney Fringe Comedy 2015


10 Comedians for $10


2 Way Street Poster - Sydney Fringe Comedy 2015

 1 Liner (6.1 MB)

10 for $10 (5.2 MB)

2 Way Street (6.4 MB)



Comedy Show Images

1 Liner High Res Images (Right click on image and select ‘save as’ to download)


Portrait (4.7 MB)

 xx Sean-Morahan-1-Liner-Landscape-ThumbnailLandscape (4.4 MB)

2 Way Street High Res Images (Right click on image and select ‘save as’ to download)

Sean Morahan - 2 Way Street

Portrait (3.6 MB)




Comedy Media Information for Sydney Fringe 2014
Media Release

Comedy Media Release











Guest on CJ Delling’s ‘Under the Newsdesk’

8th September, 2015:  Suntanned Glaciers of Alaska

24th June, 2015:  Car v. Tank

11th April, 2015: Claw and Order

22nd September, 2014: Give Pierce a Chance

8th September, 2014: Of Fax and Facts

31st August, 2014: The Black Death

31st August, 2014: Fistbumps for Business




Radio Guest Spots

Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 13th February 2016

Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 6th February 2016


Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 21st November 2015

Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 14th November 2015

Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 31st October 2015

Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 24th October 2015

Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 10th October 2015

Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 26th September 2015

Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 19th September 2015

Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 22nd August 2015

Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 15th August 2015

Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 25th July 2015

Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 18th July 2015

Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 13th June 2015

Vulture’s Nest – 2SER FM (Sydney) – 6th June 2015



Radio Interviews

2SER FM (Sydney) – 22nd September 2014

2RRR FM (Sydney) – 16th September 2014

Other Interviews

Crown Comedy – 27th March, 2017



Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016

June 13, 2016

I’m not performing at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, but will be attending to see lots of comedy. If you are in Melbourne, grab the chance to see some top-notch comedy from these comedians: . CJ Delling has performed solo stand-up shows at the last four Melbourne International Comedy Festivals. This year CJ’s fifth […]

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Comedy Performances

June 10, 2016

Upcoming performances are in green.  Past performances are in black.   2017 Comedy Performances  TBA  10 Comedians for $10, Hornsby Railway Hotel, Hornsby, Sydney, NSW September 29th  Big Poppa Sean’s Comedy Quiz, Bat & Ball Hotel, Redfern, Sydney, NSW (Sydney Fringe) September 28th  10 Comedians for $20, Garry Owen Hotel, Rozelle, Sydney, NSW September 23rd […]

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Step by Step to Stand-Up Comedy

June 6, 2016

Comedy Book: Step by Step to Stand-Up Comedy by Greg Dean   This is the first guide to Stand-Up Comedy that I read. I first bought it as an AudioBook two months before my stand-up comedy debut and I am glad I did.  I was so impressed with the content, I bought the ‘hard copy’ […]

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10 Comedians

June 3, 2016

10 Comedians is a hilarious rotating line-up of ten experienced comedians. Our first 10 Comedians shows were at the Sydney Fringe Festival in September, 2015 and sold out online two days before the shows started!  We had incredible feedback from the audiences – personally and online – so we knew we were onto something good.  […]

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Funny Photos

May 31, 2016

These are photos I have taken when I have observed something funny going on.      

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Comedy Audience Feedback

May 28, 2016

“The audience is a genius” – Lenny Bruce . Thank you for coming along to my gig! No matter how much you enjoyed the gig I hope you are reassured by the fact that a pleasure shared is a pleasure halved, and accordingly if I was performing solely for you, it would have been 16-1,000,000 […]

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Stand-Up Comedy

May 25, 2016

Sean Morahan has been performing stand-up comedy since 2013. Debuting at Sydney’s Roxbury Hotel that year, he had a seven-minute set prepared, but when other performers pulled out at the last minute, he volunteered to do 15 minutes. He has subsequently performed stand-up comedy at the Adelaide Fringe (including an open air performance to several […]

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Comedy Conversations

May 22, 2016

Imagine having conversations with famous people.  By imagining conversations that I have had with famous people, it saves me airfares, stalking convictions, and séance fees. I start with something that a famous person has allegedly really said, imagine that he/she said it to me and imagine the next few lines of conversation…   Andy Warhol Andy: […]

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Upcoming Gigs

May 19, 2016

. 10 Comedians for $10 Friday 9th December, 2016 7.15 pm Brewhouse Marayong, 6 Cobham St, Kings Park Tickets: x 10 Comedians for $10 Saturday 10th December, 2016  7.15 pm The Bat & Ball Hotel, 495 Cleveland St, Redfern Tickets: x       for the next few        

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Comedy Show

May 16, 2016

My new Comedy Show, ‘1 Liner’ was first performed in the 2014 Sydney Fringe.   Sean Morahan – 1 Liner “They said I was a one-liner comedian and couldn’t be a storyteller comedian. Tonight I prove them wrong. Once upon a time there was a comedian who told the following one-liners….” In writing my new […]

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Comedy in Sydney

May 10, 2016

If you are looking for some Live Comedy in Sydney, here are a few of my favourite regular comedy venues: Monday Comedy in Sydney   POS COMEDY   Open Mic Comedy, usually with Professional MC and headline act Monday Nights            from 7 pm Free Entry Newtown Hotel, 174 King St, […]

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Adelaide Fringe Comedy

May 7, 2016

2017 Adelaide Fringe Looking forward to the 2017 Adelaide Fringe!     2015 Adelaide Fringe. The 2015 Adelaide Fringe Festival ran from 13th February  to 15th March 2015. I performed my solo stand-up show 1 Liner at the 2015 Adelaide Fringe. . Performances: Ayers House – The Loft, 288 North Terrace, Adelaide Tuesday, 10th March, […]

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