Depending on your sense of humour, Sean Morahan is either a very funny stand-up comedian or a brilliantly esoteric spoken word performer. After a recent stint mixing professional comedy with driving a semi-trailer, he is now a semi-professional comedian.

Jaded by the unrelenting and excruciating highs of working as a car salesman, private investigator and builder’s labourer, Sean yearned for the sombre drudgery of making people laugh for a living, without offering them a trade-in price, showing them photos of their spouse’s new lover or falling off a building site.  So, in 2013 he staggered onto Sydney’s comedy stage and has remained there despite the persistent crowbars, baseball bats and the pleas for him to go home (mostly from the voices in his head).

In search for deeper answers for his audience, he has undertaken extensive research into why any poultry species would traverse any thoroughfare. On a recent bushwalk (in a rare departure from the stage) he observed an Australian brush-turkey crossing the track. There’s a joke there somewhere and Sean will find it.

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